Suzanne2Laurent and I decided to open this kennel because our fantastic dog-sitter was not always available and we were not comfortable leaving our dogs with anyone else. We provide a clean, safe, friendly environment where the dogs spend a great deal of time outside of their runs and are both mentally and physically active so they are happy, healthy and content. Both Laurent and I have many years of experience with dogs and are happy to be able to use that in our lifestyle here at the kennel.

I have worked as kennel staff with dog guides for the blind and assisted with training in obedience classes. Laurent and I together have owned and trained therapy dogs for special needs children; obedience competition dogs and agility dogs. We have also participated in tracking, carting and lure coursing.We have personally owned everything from Irish Wolfhounds to Pomeranians so size is not a problem for us Dogs are our focus and interest, not just a business.

Laurent has a “Maitre Chien, Mention Speciale” diploma from France and has worked with and trained security dogs. He has also got a diploma in “Education Canin” (Dog Education) and has been approved by the French government as a qualified trainer.