Oscar (Munkley)

Country Canine. Simply the best. Take it from me.

Tripper’s Mom

Suzanne and Laurent are the most reliable, patient, qualified and understanding dog lovers I have ever had a privilege of knowing.

Not only does Country Canine provide a safe and enjoyable environment for my pet, but Suzanne and Laurent constantly go above and beyond to make sure that my dog has a comfortable and fun experience.

The kennel is always neat, tidy, and filled with friendly pets for my dog to play with. I am confident that when I leave that my dog is left in good, experienced hands and will be very well taken care of. 

There is no other place that I would leave my best friend. Country Canine is simply the best!!!

Gloria & Karl

Country Canine is truly paradise for my dogs and peace of mind for me. It’s safe, comfortable and lends itself to the emotional well being of their guests.

Suzanne and Laurent are extremely responsible and caring. My rough collies Pippin, Charlie and Jaxon really enjoy their stays with them. The outdoor space is a wonderful place for my dogs to enjoy play and gets lots of exercise.

After taking my dogs for their first stay, my husband toured the facility and said to me as we drove off, “I could stay there”. It is just that great! Thank you guys so much!

Kimberley Shaw

Lord Barkley – “Me and my little brother come to stay with Aunty Suzanne and Uncle Laurent during the summer months. In fact Mom and Dad send us to Country Canine quite a lot during the summer due to Mum and Dad travelling for work. Isn’t that true Sir Bones?”

Sir Bones – “Yes it is true and you know what Lord Barkley, don’t we just have a ball whilst Mom and Dad are away. We get to run around outside all the time, and I don’t mean just a bit either. I mean “All the time”! Aunty Suzanne makes sure that our bed is comfy and snug and she sends emails to Mom and Dad letting them know that we are REALLY GOOD BOYS (most of the time) and she even sends photos of us playing with all our other 4-legged friends.

Lord Barkley – “We even get treats and Uncle Laurent thinks that I am what I am, which is a Lord. I guess you can say that we are spoilt rotten. We just don’t want to go anywhere else do we Sir Bones? This is our second home and that is that. Woof Woof! PS. If we moan and beg enough do you think we can have a steak?

Kai & Melissa Hulshof

We’ve been clients at 5 kennels, having moved a few times in the last 10 years. Country Canine is hands down an exceptional experience.

First thing we noticed when dropping off Stirling, our German Shepherd, was how quiet a dozen dogs could be. We’d never been able to converse with a kennel owner in the kennel – you usually can’t hear a thing for all the barking. Suzanne and Laurent’s office is located right in the kennel – and not a bark during our conversations. Amazing.

Secondly, it’s clean – ’nuff said.

Thirdly, Suzanne and Laurent are amazing with the dogs and with their clients – professional, courteous and genuinely caring people. Most importantly, Stirling loves going there.

Without hesitation, I’d recommend this kennel to the most discerning of pet owners – I don’t think you’ll find a better kennel anywhere.

Beverly Smith

As you can see I have 1 very energetic dog and 1 laid back dog, Lucy and Scooter and they both love Country Canine. I know when I board the dogs there that Suzanne and Laurent will look after them, love them and give them everything they need.

Country Canine is spotless, they are so professional and welcoming. It is a real joy having such a great place to board the dogs, I feel very lucky to have this facility just 4 kilometres down the road. Thanks so much, Suzanne and Laurent!

Bob Clement D.V.M.

Look no further if  what you want is quality care by knowledgeable, caring individuals in a pristine country setting. It  is our experience that dog owners are carefully vetted before their pets are accepted for “camp”. As a result, the dogs play well together, whether on long walks, short walks or during free play time. Care is taken to accommodate individual needs and your pet is returned clean, happy and rested, albeit tired!

Suzanne and Laurent will not hesitate to direct you towards caregivers more appropriate for your pet if they feel that your pet is not happy in their care.

Indeed, we experienced such a situation when, after careful observation, Suzanne and Laurent felt that our puppy would do better in a home setting for an extended period of time. They were correct and we are grateful for their professionalism.

We would not hesitate to take another pet to Country Canine, should the opportunity arise, as they are the best!

Dora-Lynn Davies

I have been taking my 5-year-old Goldendoodle to Country Canine since she was a puppy. Tilly’s stays have ranged from a few days to a month at a time. Suzanne and Laurent take wonderful care of Tilly, and she is excited to go. Tilly is always returned to me in good health and happy. Tilly is well socialized with other dogs and seems to be able to handle any situation where she encounters dogs in public (especially unpleasant ones) with ease. I attribute her good social skills to her breed and the good care Suzanne and Laurent take to socialize the dogs under their care.

I highly recommend this kennel to anyone looking for quality canine care by two people who clearly know and love dogs.


My name is Dudley and I have been going for vacations at Country Canine for about five and a half years, fairly soon after the doggy hotel opened. I call it a hotel because it is a fun place to go and there are usually lots of dogs in their own rooms, before we meet up for play. My Pet Parents go off on trips and I go to Country Canine, which is a great trade off. I also go for doggy day care on occasions which is great fun too.

We get plenty of exercise and TLC. When I arrive at Country Canine, I jump out of the car and head towards the kennel to see who is there. It’s a great place to come to and my Pet Parents know I am safe and well cared for by Suzanne & Laurent.

I can’t wait to go again! Soon!